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“What started as a small one woman massage clinic has now evolved into a one stop shop for all things massage, lymphatic drainage and natural health.  Servicing the local community of Drummoyne, Rozelle, Balmain, Five Dock, Abbotsford, Hunter’s Hill, Canada Bay and Concord in Sydney’s Inner West.”

Here at the centre, our focus is on pain relief, stress reduction and your health and wellbeing, with our targeted massage and manual lymphatic drainage treatments. We specialise in getting YOU out of pain and moving freely again as quickly as possible.  We treat a whole range of muscular pain conditions, resulting from poor posture from long hours at the desk, childbirth, acute injuries, surgery and much more.  But we like to remind folks that Massage isn’t just for when you’re in pain, a lot of our work is of a preventative nature, keeping bodies happy, healthy and supple.

Our specialised Lymphatic Drainage treatments are excellent for pre and post operative swelling, lymphodema, sinus, acne and much more.

We regularly treat Mums, stressed out execs, tradies and health conscious pensioners and everyone in between!

When you choose us, you can relax knowing that you’re in good hands. We work closely with local physiotherapists and Doctors and have had excellent results in treating the following conditions:

  • Frozen shoulders
  • Headaches Neck and shoulder pain
  • Jaw Pain from tooth grinding / TMJ dysfunction
  • Lower back pain and Sacro Illiac Dysfunction
  • Hip and Knee Pain
  • Chronic injury management
  • Post surgical swelling
  • Sinus issues
  • Lymphodema
  • And much more….

We believe that to achieve total health a holistic approach is necessary, and we now have a team of practitioners offering, Nutrition and Reiki who work alongside our massage therapists and lymphatic drainage therapists to ensure that you achieve the best of health from top to toe and inside and out. So whether you’re looking at achieving physical and emotional balance, we’ve got you covered!

Learn more about our amazing team here.

Our philosophy is one of looking at the body as a whole. We treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms, aiming to provide you with long term relief. Can’t wait to get on the table and start feeling better?


Need more advice? No worries, call us on 9719 2229 or drop us a line at hello@gwendaviesmassage.com.au. We’re always happy to to chat about how we can best help you.

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Here at the centre, our focus is on pain relief and stress reduction.  We specialise in getting YOU out of pain and moving freely again as quickly as possible. Therapies +

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