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The A to Z of MLD : B is for Blepharoplasty

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The gentle nature of lymphatic drainage is perfect for relieving the swelling around this delicate

The A to Z of MLD : C is for Cosmetic Surgery

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Continuing our series on the many uses of this wonderful modality, today we look at Cosmetic Surgery….. Surgery of any kind is one of the primary indications for lymphatic drainage.  In fact, many surgeons include lymphatic drainage massages as part of their packages with their own in-house therapists. 

A to Z of MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage – A is for Acne

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MLD or Manual Lymphatic Drainage to give it its full title is a versatile modality

Massage for Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers

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Relief is at hand for chronic sinus sufferers!  Did you know that  massage can help

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What’s your Massage Therapist REALLY thinking … ?

I’ve massaged a lot of people throughout my career and treated a lot of different bodies and personalities, but some questions come up a lot, so I thought I would put together a short list so you can more understand what we’re really thinking, what we do care about, and what we don’t. So make yourself a cup of tea and get into the mind of your massage therapist….

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5 reflexology tips for your health and happiness!

Every so often something so simple, so beautiful comes along… 1. Crowning Glory -Your Hair If you are frequently washing your hair, or out and about in the hot drying sun, or perhaps you are losing more hair than is usual for you, then be sure to try the following tip.

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10 Signs That You Need a Massage

Feeling tight in the neck? A little out of sorts or stressed? We have 10 good reasons to consider getting a massage. You haven’t had a massage in a long time: Massage is excellent as a preventative measure as well as for acute conditions. It works best when undertaken regularly, it is usually recommended between every 4 – 6 weeks for regular maintenance and more often for specific injuries and rehabilitation.

Can massage help with hormonal imbalance?

“Oh it’s my hormones” .......“I’m sorry I’m so hormonal at the moment” We’ve all said

Massage for Neck Pain

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Saw this amazing image on the net this week.  Fascinating to see what goes on