Absolutely!  Manual Lymphatic Drainage is perfect post surgery.  A study by two American Cosmetic Surgeons revealed that Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treatments significantly shortened the recovery time after surgery, showing a 6 week to 3 Months recovery period, rather than 9 to 18 months for those patients not undertaking MLD therapy post operatively.

Benefits to the patient have been shown to include:

Bruising reduction

Swelling reduction

Pain management – as pressure of lymph fluid decreases around nerves, pain and discomfort is reduced.

Scar-tissue prevention and fibrosis reduction.

Infection prevention.

Did you know that due to the extremely light pressure used in MLD, it can be started very soon post operatively  (please check with your surgeon if there are any issues which would contraindicate this). The sooner the better in terms of healing, bruising and scar reduction.  We can even treat you whilst you still have your drains.

Please note that we are upstairs, so you need to be comfortable in climbing the stairs before booking an appointment.