Feeling tight in the neck? A little out of sorts or stressed? We have 10 good reasons to consider getting a massage.

  1. You haven’t had a massage in a long time: Massage is excellent as a preventative measure as well as for acute conditions. It works best when undertaken regularly, it is usually recommended between every 4 – 6 weeks for regular maintenance and more often for specific injuries and rehabilitation.

  1. You have a pain in the neck……back……shoulder……..knee…….foot….you get the picture! Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. But the busier we get, the easier it gets to ignore those niggling signals. Our bodies know best and it’s wiser to listen and get those aches and pains seen to sooner, rather than later. Book yourself in for a massage to soothe away that niggling pain.
  1. You are getting headaches: When the muscles around your shoulders, back, and head get tight tension headaches can begin. Regular maintenance massage can relieve these tension headaches and help promote healthy posture. Massage therapy can also give relief to migraine sufferers.
  1. You are exercising regularly: When you are challenging your body regularly, you should be treating your muscles to a regular massage. This can help keep you moving and injury free.
  1. You don’t have time for massage: Ironically, if you don’t have time for a massage, then you probably really, really need one! If you can’t find an hour out of a week or month which is purely just for you and your health, then you’re probably pushing yourself too hard.
  1. You sit at a desk for at least 5 hours a day: Our bodies aren’t designed to be stuck at a desk all day, and this sets us up for all sorts of postural dysfunctions, from tight hamstrings, lower back pain and of course those tight shoulders and necks.
  1. You don’t have full range of motion: So you can sort of move your joints, but there is some resistance, creaking and moaning to get you there. You can’t turn your head/neck as far as you once could. Maybe you can’t lift your arm all the way up. Maybe you haven’t been able to touch your toes for a while. Whatever your case may be, if you have muscular restrictions, massage therapy may be able to help.
  1. You are stressed out: Let’s face it, most of us have a little more stress in our lives than is probably healthy. One of the best ways to decrease levels of stress hormones and increase levels of endorphins is to get a massage. Massage therapy starts working immediately to help you relax.
  1. You’re not sleeping properly: It is amazing how many people don’t have a proper night’s sleep. Sleep is extremely important! We recover and heal when we sleep. Massage therapy helps promote healthy sleep habits through by promoting relaxation.
  1. You’re nodding in agreement at 3 or more of these signs!

If you recognise yourself in some, if not all of these points (you know who you are) then you definitely need a massage!

And hey after all, you deserve it, right?