I wanted to start this post with a bit more background around where my health is currently at, and why I feel that this is the right time and product for me. Other posts will probably be a bit shorter, and more focused on what is actually physically happening. It’s all a bit new for me, also sharing with others like this makes me feel a bit vulnerable, but it’s also exciting, if I can help one other person achieve their health goals then it will all be worthwhile, so please bear with me!

The reason I started on this adventure is due to adrenal exhaustion, along with wanting to lose some stubborn weight, that no matter how healthily I eat, I just can’t seem to shift. I feel that the time has come to make a change, my body feels out of balance, almost as though I have no real control over what was happening and what I’m feeling. I have been lurching from one week to the next, feeling great one day and exhausted the next, making bad choices around what I’ve putting into my body, eating a lot of sugary and heavy foods and far too much red wine, which has left me feeling pretty sick and run down.

The reason that I chose Isagenix over anything else, was because of the quality of the ingredients and the integrity of the company. Being in the health profession, I’ve seen, heard and tried a LOT of products and fad diets. Some of which helped in the short term, but have always left me feeling as though I’d failed somehow, that I just wasn’t healthy enough, or I wasn’t dedicated enough, and that I would never achieve that glowing health and vitality so many had promised. The Isagenix system, with its strong emphasis on support, community and accountability, along with one on one coaching, plus a system that is so easy to follow finally feels right.

An important element of any lifestyle change is to have some goals around what you want to achieve, that way it’s easy to keep track of where you’re going. Mine are:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve digestion
  • Fix constant bloating
  • Get my mojo back
  • Fit into 2 dresses that I haven’t been able to wear for at least a year due to bloating and weight gain.

So, the journey so far!

Week 1

I felt amazing for the first couple of days, I think this was psychological more than anything, knowing that I had taken that first step towards better health. The power of positive thinking! Day 3 was a bit tougher, I had a bad headache, but I still managed a full day massaging at the clinic and wasn’t exhausted at the end of it, which usually happens. By day 4 and 5 I could really feel my energy levels increasing, my sleep has improved so much. I sleep deeply through the night, and even if I do wake up (drinking lots of water!) I go back into a deep sleep . What I really love is that I can sleep all the way through to about 7:30 now, whereas before I would be awake from about 5:30 am and try to force myself back to sleep, manage a few minutes and then have to get up anyway, which always left me feeling groggy all day. This alone for me is worth it! As I end my first week I realise that I am feeling a lot lighter and my clothes are already fitting better, my bloated belly has almost gone and my digestion has improved considerably.

As I write this post, I am undergoing my first deep cleanse day, which is an essential component of the 30 day system, (I will explain more about the specifics in later posts) which is basically a day without food, although I do have specially formulated supplements to take which provide my body with all the nutrients it needs so I’m not craving anything. Amazingly I’m not actually feeling that hungry, the supplements and the snacks provided are keeping me going. I have undertaken fasts in the pasts which left me starving and obsessed with food, so this is pretty easy in comparison.

In the next edition I’ll post my original weight and measurements alongside with my new ones as I keep going a’la Bridget Jones!

Should you be interested in trying out this wonderful cleanse journey for yourself, please send me message, I would love to hear from  you!