Is your waistline bad for your health?

This was the tag line from a hugely successful advertising campaign by Kellogg’s Special K during the 80’s in the UK and even though the ad was a bit corny – check it out here, the underlying message was pretty serious, and it’s still relevant, if not more so today with talk of an obesity epidemic and heart  disease and diabetes on the rise.

Did you know that Australia is the 4th  fattest country in the world!

This was bought back to me this week when I saw the WA Government’s Live Lighter Campaign which is again spreading the word about the danger of visceral fat to our general health.

Did you know that the size of your waist is a better indicator on the state of your health than measuring your BMI?  Those of us with larger waists put ourselves at higher risk of heart disease, bowel cancer, breast cancer and heart disease to name just a few.

More and more research is being done into the role of visceral fat on our health and it is now generally accepted that the chemicals released by the fat is to blame for many obesity related diseases.

As mentioned in one of my previous newsletters, visceral fat is actually thought of as part of the endocrine system, which means that it can release chemicals into the body, and the higher level of visceral fat, the higher levels of these chemicals are found in the body and the higher the risk of disease.

That’s not to say that all fat is bad, it plays some important roles in our bodies, it’s a source of stored energy, can provide us with a protective cushion, insulates us from the cold and can store many vitamins and minerals vital for our nervous system.  So some fat is good, but excess visceral or abdominal fat is bad, very bad.

So it’s essential that we start taking the steps now to reverse the damage and start losing that waist weight that is causing us so much harm.

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