Summer is here, and that can only mean on thing….Christmas is coming!  10 years on and it  still feels strange celebrating Christmas in the heat :0)

This is my favourite time of year, it’s a great reason to catch up with old friends  and family and take some time off from work and recharge the batteries.   But, in the midst of all this, we tend to forget our normal eating patterns and end up overindulging on food and drinks.  I know that I can’t resist mince pies, chocolates, brandy sauce…..!  It’s no wonder that the average person gains anything between 2 to 5 kg over the party season.

But this year, we’re changing things around at our  house, no more sneaky weight gain for us!  We’re joining the Maintain don’t Gain December Challenge.  Last Christmas saw a HUGE increase in the people who started their nutritional cleanse program during the holiday season and it set their weight-loss and health goals on fire for the rest of 2015.

By starting your cleanse now, at the very least, you can expect to maintain your weight and NOT put on the average 5kgs.  In fact, you might even find you do a little better than just maintain. Just imagine starting the new year with renewed energy and a few less kilos.

So why not get  the new year off to a flying start having already started your health journey and lifestyle change through December  and join the December Maintain Challenge.

The gift of health is the best gift you can give yourself and others.

I would love to discuss how  we can get you started so you can feel happy, healthy and energised for summer.  If you’re ready to take control of your health and vitality right NOW, message me here and see how we can get you started.  WE CAN DO IT!