Tasty Breakfast Ideas for busy peeps:

Since starting on my nutritional cleansing journey, I must admit to being hooked on my Superfood Protein Smoothies for breakfast, it really sets me up for the day with all the vitamins and minerals I need to keep me going.  But sometimes a girl needs to change things up a bit.  One of my go to favourites are muesli and yoghurt cups which are packed with anti oxidants from the berries and friendly bacteria for a healthy gut.  Perfect for busy peeps who want a quick and healthy option:

In a glass add layers of muesli, organic yoghurt, berries, bananas or whatever fruit is in season. Then top with crushed mixed nuts and some shredded coconut. Yoghurt is full of beneficial bacteria that helps boost your good intestinal flora, which in turn supports your immune and digestive health.  Enjoy!