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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Treatment Duration/Cost
MLD Standard Consult – for non complex cases such as pre or post surgery, liposuction or general health and wellbeing. 60 minutes : $105
MLD Initial Consult/Extended TreatmentFor initial consultations for lymphoedema treatment or complex cases requiring bandaging or lymph taping. 75 minutes :  $120
MLD Extended Treatment/Scar Work Release – for more complex cases which may require scar work release as part of the lymphatic drainage treatment 90 minutes : $145
Decongestant Lymphatic Facial – Select for sinus/allergies/facial surgery, acne etc 60 minutes : $105



Treatment Duration/Cost
Oncology Massage – massage adapted especially for those currently undergoing cancer treatment or have done so in the past. 60 minutes : $105
Remedial Massage – for addressing those areas of tightness resulting from postural dysfunction. 30m : $ 75
45m : $ 95
60m : $105
90m : $145