Scar Tissue Release

Scars from recent or old surgeries or childhood falls can leave a deep and lasting impact on the body’s tissues, causing restrictions and postural imbalances which can over time lead to pain and dysfunction.

Imagine a wool jumper that’s snagged at the shoulder, picture how it alters the shape of the whole garment.  This is what a scar can do to your fascia.  Collagen is laid down in layers under the scar, causing thickening and distortion in the tissue.   In this way an old C-Section scar can eventually lead to neck and shoulder pain, or even swelling in the feet or legs, due to a restriction in the flow of lymphatic fluid from your extremities.  This technique is gentle and should not cause any pain and can easily be incorporated into your normal treatment, if required it can also be offered as a stand alone treatment.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about how this work could help you.

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