“I came to see Gwen for severe lower back and neck pain, after two treatments the pain had gone and has stayed away, I’m happy to recommend Gwen.”
Pat, Wareemba
“I came to see Gwen for a massage and at the time I was experiencing weekly headaches, after just two treatments the headaches had gone – I now rarely suffer but when I do I book in and the headaches just melt away!”
Paula, Russell Lea
“I have been a client of Gwen’s for more than three years and in that time, she has helped me to manage, maintain and soothe a body that is constantly under stress from chronic illness. Can not recommend her highly enough!”
Bec, Wareemba
“Gwen is a fantastic massage therapist. She is personable and takes the time each session to understand how you’re feeling at that particular time. She is diligent in recording your specific issues and she designs her massages according to your needs. With the time available, Gwen ensures that she maximises the session by prioritising your areas of importance.
I highly recommend Gwen for people needing remedial massage, especially if you work at a computer all day!”
Naomi, Financial Planner, Tudor Invest
” I visited Gwen whilst up in Sydney visiting family, I was in pain and discomfort all the way down the outside of my leg and was unable to sleep and it was painful to walk, after my treatment with Gwen the pain was gone, I won’t hesitate to call on her again and can recommend her without reservation.”
Greta, Victoria
” I received a seated massage from Gwen at a local fair and mentioned an ongoing problem I’d been having with numbness, weakness and pain in both hands for over a year despite undergoing physical therapy. Gwen suggested a course of treatments – after 6 sessions my hands are now back to normal, when the problem does flare up again I can treat it myself with the simple exercises Gwen gave me to do at home. I would highly recommend Gwen’s treatment.”
Esther, Beecroft
” I was recommended to Gwen by my wife for general relaxation, I have been suffering from headaches daily for the last 30 years, my shoulders and neck were also extremely tight due to my long hours at the computer, I was not a big believer in massage, but I’m now a definite convert! After regular weekly treatments I stopped taking daily pain relief and have normal range of motion through my neck and shoulders, something I had given up on a long time ago! Would definitely recommend Gwen.”
Simon, Drummoyne
“I came to see Gwen for a massage. My neck had been hurting and I was adjusting the way I sat and turned to compensate for the pain…felt like a trapped nerve. My calves were also sore (high heels). After the treatment I felt so relaxed….and pampered but more importantly my neck was no longer hurting and my calves felt loose. I felt very at ease with Gwen…I didn’t feel pressured to chat or unsure what she was going to do. Gwen asked me lots of questions before she started to find out how I would like to be treated and if I had a preference for gentle or high pressure massage if I had any twinges or areas I wanted to concentrate on. Gwen explained what she was doing and why. …. I loved the treatment and recommend her to all my friends.”
Sarah, Leichhardt