This depends on the treatment you are receiving and what presenting conditions you have. We work with a lot of people with chronic pain from accidents, childbirth, poor posture, etc, and for more specific treatments, you will be expected to change position or move certain muscles to assist in the release of restricted tissue.

But fear not: even these treatments have an element of relaxation and we always work within your limits and comfort levels.

If you’re coming in for a general massage, all you need to do is relax – we will gently move you if need be. Many people like to switch off during their treatment, whilst others enjoy chatting. It’s your time and we’re happy to go with the flow. Don’t hesitate to ask questions at any time or if something is not comfortable, please tell your therapist so that the treatment can be adjusted or terminated if required.

If something is not working, speak up. After all it is your massage.