I use essential oils on a daily basis, from cleaning the house to body lotions and shower gels and massage blends.  One of my favourite ways to freshen up my carpets without the use of nasty chemicals is to make my own version of Shake N Vac.

Find a suitable container with a pierced lid so that you can easily disperse the powder.  (I purchased a large parmesan cheese shaker from the $2 shop) and fill with bicarbonate of soda, (depending on how much you want to use, I find that half the container will cover 2 small rooms.)  Then add 10 – 15  drops of essential oil of your choice.

I like to use May Chang, Lemon or Lemongrass which are all really refreshing and uplifting, and are the perfect oils to help with pet smells. But you can use your favourite fragrance, or add a few different oils together to make your own blend.

Then liberally shake all over your carpets.  Leave on for around 15 mins before vacuming away, leaving your house smelling divine and your mood uplifted!