I don’t know about  you, but I have a serious sweet tooth, but I’m not a big fan of processed and overly sweet chocolate bars, that’s why raw cacao is one of my favourite food stuffs!  It’s been shown to help boost your mood, it’s high in anti oxidants and is rich in Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and Calcium.  Yay, finally chocolate that really is good for you!

Goji berries go perfectly with the cacao and are chock full of antioxidants, even more goodness for you:

8-10 pitted Dates
1½ Cup Walnuts
¼ – ⅓ Cup  Raw Cacao Powder
Goji Berries

Blend ingredients to a ground paste like consistency. Mold into little bite size pieces, and garnish with goji berries.

If any are leftovers they can be frozen and defrosted, or simply eaten straight out of the freezer.